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December 08, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

Kadiro Amea Elemo and His New Book


November 11, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

Chairman Ibsa's Speech on FDG comomoration in Oslo


November 01, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

Toltu Tufa and the Afaan Project


October 27, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

RAB Remembers Adde Obse T. Margo


October 14, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

Jawar Mohammed and the Oromo First Community engagement project


October 06, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

Irecha 2013; RAB interview with Artist Abush Zalaqaand Artist Hachalu Hundessa,


October 06, 2013

Tax Payers’ Money is Funding Terrorists in the Horn of Africa

(By Denebo Dekeba Wario)


UK saw the brightest summer in years and everyone seemed to have been quite busy going on holiday and having fun.  For the Oromo in the UK and elsewhere in the world, however, August 2013 turned out to be less shining as it was a season when the torment back home has exacerbated. Even though the nation had already been suffering  a great deal of socio-economic, political and cultural injustices, last month was  a moment of mourning the death of more than twenty seven innocent people including children who were slaughtered by the Ethiopian government army  in  broad day light at Kofale in South Central  Oromia.

Learn More....

September 17, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

RAB interview with Dr. Dima Nogo and Artist Hachalu Hundessa


September 08, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

RAB remembers Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda


August 01, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

July 21, 2013 RAB-Interview with

Jawar Mohammed & Mohammed Ademo


June 30, 2013 RAB-Interview with

Abbaa Caalaa Lataa

June 29, 2013, Fundraising in Oslo to Support Oromo Liberation Army
June 16, 2013 RAB-The Nile Crisis and Oromo Refugees in Egypt
June 09, 2013 RAB-SBO@25 Interview with Journalist Tolera Adaba
June 02, 2013 RAB-Interview with Rev. Dr. Tasgara Hirpo
May 26, 2013 RAB-Interview with Artist Elemo Ali  
May 11, 2013 RAB-Interview with Temesgen Tesfaye, the Inventer of Windows Odaa Nabee
May 4, 2013 RAB-Interview with Zelalem Abera (Part 2)
May 1, 2013 RAB-Hiriira Nagaa Oromoota Oslo
April 28, 2013 RAB-Breaking news
April 28, 2013 RAB-Interview with Zelalem Abera
April 22, 2013 RAB-Breaking News from Norway!
April 16, 2013 RAB-Kabaja GGO
April 10, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
April 07, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
March 30, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
March 23, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
March 16, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
March 7, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
March 3, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
February 24, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
February 20, 2013 Yaada Oromoo Tokkoo

Tokkumma ABO Itichanii QBO Jabeessuuf qooda Murnoota ABO fi kan Ummata Oromoo
Yaada Oromoo tokkoo  

(Lookoo Gaachoo* irraa)

Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO) jaarmaa Oromoo biraa jaalala fi kabaja guddaa qabu ta’uun beekkamaa dha. Kabaja fi jaalala kan horate hojii saba Oromoo boonsu hedduu waan hojjeteef; injifannoo hedduu waan galmeesseef. Qubeen afaan Oromoo amma biyya keessaa ittiin hojjetamaa jiru injifannoolee gurguddoo kana keessaa isa tokko. Daangaan Oromiyaa sararamee beekkamuun fi sabin (nation) Oromoo jedhamu – kan ummata Habsahaa irraa adda ta’e fi kan Habashootaan koloneeffatame - biyya lafaa irra jiraachuu caalaatti addunyaa beeksisuun bu’aalee gurguddoo qabsoo ABOn qindeessee geggeesseen argaman. Kanaaf, kan sabin Oromoo, yeroo ABOn dhadhabaa fi faffaca’a fakkatullee kan abdii irraa hin kutanne; Kan ABO dhiisee dhaaboota addaadaa yeroo-yeroo tti dhalatan fi du’an duukaa hin buune; Kan ABOn  “deebi’ee tokkoomee, jabaata” jedhee baroota dheeraaf  abdin eeggatu.
Deebi’ee, tokkoomee, jabaachuu ABO kan uummanni Oromoo abdatuufis sababa lamaaf .......


February 20, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
February 11, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

An eye-witness account of a mega rally by Oromos in London against injustice in Ethiopia

(February 7, 2013 UK)

An eye-witness account of a mega rally by Oromos in London against injustice in Ethiopia
February 5, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
January 31, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
January 29, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
January 26, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
January 20, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
January 19, 2013 Amharic Radio Afuura Biyyaa
January 9, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
December 10, 2012 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
December 4, 2012 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
October 29, 2012 Radio Afuura Biyyaa
October 21, 2012 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

October 14, 2012 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

In 1993, Mr. lenco Lata presented to the OLF leadership a well researched document which was said to be very important for the future of the organization. The document was handed over to the then OLF leadership to which Mr. Taha Abdi belonged. What was the content of the document? What did OLF do with it? In this exclusive interview Mr.Taha Abdi answers these and other questions.


October 6, 2012 Radio Afuura Biyyaa presents an exclusive interview with Dr. Ibrahim Amea Elemo on the 40th legislative assembly of Gumii Gaayyoo


The 40th legislative assembly of Gumii Gaayyoo was successfully concluded a couple of weeks ago in spite of lots of obstacles. What are those obstacles and what is the significance of Gumii Gaayyoo? Dr. Ibrahim Amea Elemo, the president elect of OSA talks to RAB right now. Stay tuned!


Irreechaa 2012 in Calgary Canada on RAB
zenawi Ethiopia After Meles

Aljazeera English

Inside Story

Life after Ethiopia's

Meles Zenawi


World leaders should give due attention to the darker side of Zenawi’s legacy!

What is interesting about the reaction of world leaders to the death of Meles Zenawi is their lack of attention to the darker side of Zenawi’s legacy. He was criticized for years by Human Rights Groups for his violation of human rights. (RT August 23, 2012)

Ethiopia’s prime minister
The man who tried to make dictatorship acceptable

What will follow one of Africa’s most successful strongmen?
Aug 25th 2012 | NAIROBI |

from the print edition of The Eonomist

Read the whole story....


Ethiopia Post-Meles: Washington Should Encourage Reforms

(By Morgan Lorraine Roach, Washington Post August 23, 2012)

Meles’s autocratic tendencies and tight-fisted economic policies made him a divisive leader. With his departure, the U.S. has an unprecedented opportunity to encourage democracy and economic reform and bolster the security partnership between the two nations.
Learn more...


Ethiopia After Meles - In depth Analysis of the International Crisis Group


The death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who had not been seen in public for several months, was announced on 20 August 2012 by Ethiopian state television. The passing of the man who has been Ethiopia’s epicentre for 21 years, according to the Inernational Crisis Group, will have profound national and regional consequences.

Learn more...



"The Melses I Know" ( By Barry Malone)

Ethiopia's late dictator was a complex and sophisticated leader -- a self-taught ex-guerrilla who brought his people economic growth and repression, writes BARRY MALONE.

I once asked Ethiopia's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who died on Aug. 20 from an unspecified illness at age 57, whether he was a dictator. He grinned and then, stopping, just looked at me.

learn more...


Requiem for a Reprobate: Ethiopian Tyrant Should Not Be Lionized

(By Thor Halvorssen and Alex Gladstein, Forbes.com)

Learn more...



Oromo Dialogue Forum’s Statement on the Passing Away of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Dawuud Ibsaa’s OLF on the Death of Ethiopian Prime Minister - OLF Press Release


What does Mr. Galasa Dilbo, the former chairman of OLF say about the past and present movement of the organization? Follow his exclusive interview with RAB
Radio Afuura Biyyaa- August 9, 2012
Radio Afuura Biyyaa- July 25, 2012


Dr Dima Nago
Radio Afuura Biyyaa- July 16, 2012
አማርኛ - Radio Afuura Biyyaa- June 16, 2012- Amharic



June 30, 2012 RAB presents Arfan Qalloo Golden Jubilee

Continuing its series “Focus on the Oromo Struggle Towards Freedom”, On its upcoming radio show this weekend RAB presents to you an exclusive interview with the chairman of Oromo Libration Front (OLF), Mr. Daawud Ibsaa. Miss it not!
Radio Afuura Biyyaa- June 28, 2012




Tokkummaa Dhaadhessuu fi Tokkummaa Ijaaruun Walii-lama (Hubataa Dubbii irraa)

Torbbaan afuran dabran keessa gaaffii fi deebii lama, kan Raadiyoon Afuura Biyyaa, Hayyuu Duroota gartuu ABO lama waliin godhee akkan barruu kana barreessu  na kakaase.



Radio Afuura Biyyaa- June 19, 2012
አማርኛ - Radio Afuura Biyyaa- June 20, 2012- Amharic
Radio Afuura Biyyaa- June 10, 2012
አማርኛ - Radio Afuura Biyyaa- June 10, 2012- Amharic
Starting from its oncoming radio show this weekend, Radio Afuura Biyyaa presents a series of programs focusing on THE OROMO STRUGGLE TOWARDS FREEDOM. On the first program in this series, Obbo Dhugaasaa Bakakko talks to RAB. The second part of our interview with Professor Mohammed Hassen will also be one part of the show. Stay tuned!


Radio Afuura Biyyaa- June 3, 2012


አማርኛ - Radio Afuura Biyyaa- June 3, 2012- Amharic




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June 10, 2012
June3, 2012
May 27, 2012
May 20, 2012
May 13, 2012
May 2, 2012
April 15, 2012
open letter to Leencoo and Diimaa  

Xalayaa Banaa
Obbo Leencoo Lataa fi

Dr. Diimaa Nagahoof



Ethiopia:( May 13, 2012) HRLHA Appeals for Urgent Action 

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) condemns strongly the Ethiopian Government’s interference into religious affairs and its heavy-handedness against Muslim communities in various parts of the country. Read more...


Ibsa Gutama

Another Tactic of the Colonizer:

Attack on Oromummaa through Religion

By Ibsaa Guutama*
Most Muslims in the empire are Oromo. For this reason, the raised issue concerns the Oromo more. Faith is one’s own. Nobody who tried to impose faith on another by force had ever been fully successful. If not the corpse, it is impossible to control the spirit of someone. For instance, there was long ago a king of Abyssinia called Yohannis 4th. He threatened Northern Oromo people that he would cut the tongue with which they made azan (summon to prayer) unless they changed their faith to his type of Christianity. Some obeyed, some lost their tongues, and others fled the country. Yohannis got his head cut off for that sin. But, the faith is still flourishing in the same area. Read more...




Open letter to the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council from Oromo activists in Europe

Click here to read...


in unity is strength

Unity of Purpose to Empower Oromian Liberation Forces for Victory

(By Fayis Oromia)

As I tried to describe in my last opinion, the Oromo nation is in a liberation struggle against the Abyssinian colonizers, who are supported by their handlers from both power players of the Eastern and the Western world. This fighting for freedom from the proxy colonial forces (from the Abyssinian ruling elites) is continuing in multiple forms: diplomatically, militarily and politically. Learn more...




Photostory of the Spectacular GGO celebration

April 18, 2012 in Las Vegas with Radio Afuura Biyyaa

(News on April 24, 2012 radio show )



News and Views



Mandela's pistol which was a gift from G. Tadesse Biru remains a hidden treasure decades later

By Faith Karimi, CNN
May 18, 2011 -- Updated 0727 GMT (1527 HKT)


Aseffa Jalata

(Guyya Gootota Oromiyaa)
Proffesor Asafa Jalata,




Ibsa Gutama

Reviewing the Past Repeatedly To Tackle Present Difficulties

(Ibsa Gumtama)





Ibsa Walii-galtee Koree Yeroo ABO fi Miseensota konyaa WBO


Failure to learn from history
(By Leenjiso Horo)



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